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Wed-Sun 12:00-17:00

Entrance is always free and there is always free coffee and tea.
 We are only open to the public during exhibition periods.

Current location of Tromsø Kunstforening on a map
Tromsø Kunstforening
Mellomvegen 82
9007 Tromsø

About us

Tromsø Kunstforening / RomssaDáiddasiida / Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art is a free space for contemporary art, exhibiting new, experimental art and artists. Starting in 1924, we continue to present boundary-pushing exhibitions, projects in public space, performances and workshops that are open to all.

We are home to the artist-run book shop, Mondo Books, and the Materialbanken for kreative prosjekter, which allows you to donate and withdraw various materials for reuse.

Our programme includes internationally recognised artists and new, emerging artists, giving special attention to projects that are rooted in the region. We are organised as an association where anyone can become a member and participate democratically in the institution.

Known locally as TKF, we are the oldest institution in northern Norway. Inspired by the artist Idar Ingebrigtsen, we follow the principles of community, imagination and idleness (contemplation). Ingebrigtsen occupied the former Tromsø Museum, a neoclassical building in Muséparken (Finngammsletta), in the 80’s, bringing it back into the hands of artists and creatives and eventually allowing for TKF/RDS to gain a permanent home there.

We work to collaborate, support and give space to other independent arts initiatives. Currently, we are home to Mondo Books and Materialbanken for Kreative Prosjekter and are caretakers to the project KINOBOX. We have previously collaborated with and given home to: Open Out Festival, Failure, Understanding, Care (& Kunst), Tromsø Folkekjøkken and Vårscenefest, among others.

TKF’s home in Muségata 2 is under renovation. Due to this, we have temporarily moved premises to what was once Hvilhaug Sykehjem on Mellomvegen 82. We will be there for 1.5 years, together with the artists’ studio collective, Loftet Arbeidsfelleskap.

"In the field of tension between these three manifestations of human life: idleness, imagination and the sense of community, art arose. It gave idleness content, imagination form and community communication. Through art, we could realise everything that was previously only an inkling. Art became a manifestation of what man had become." - Idar Ingebrigtsen
White concrete building in the winter.

The temporary location of Tromsø Kunstforening in Mellomvegen.

The temporary location of Tromsø Kunstforening in Mellomvegen.

The temporary location of Tromsø Kunstforening in Mellomvegen.

Reception area at Mellomvegen 82

The opening celebration of Mellomvegen 82

Mondo Books

A small wooden box-cinema stands to the right of a black revolving door.

The microcinema - Kinobox - located at the entrance to the public transport terminal.


Join us!

Being a member has numerous benefits, including reduced prices on art and books, invites for events, and more.

As a member, you receive:

  • The joy of belonging to one of the country’s oldest art associations
  • Democratic vote at the annual general meeting
  • Invitation to all openings
  • Invitation to special members events
  • 10% discount on art and books at TKF/RDS
  • Free inclusion in our annual art tombola (held at the AGM)

Becoming a member costs:

  • Adults – kr 400
  • Students, concessions, extra family members and artists – kr 200
  • Businesses – kr 3500


Tromsø Kunstforening
General inquiries
+47 466 23 586
Camilla Fagerli
+47 466 23 586
Ruth Alexander Aitken
Producer and Curator (on leave)
+47 466 23 586
James S. Lee
Creative and Technical Producer
+47 466 23 586
Mathilde Stubmark
Producer / Mediation


TKF is a membership organisation, and anyone that supports our aim of promoting and communicating art can become a member. The highest authority of the organisation is the annual assembly where members elect our board and nomination committee. The board works on a voluntary basis and is responsible for looking over the running of the institution and hiring the director in a fixed term appointment of four years.

Our board consists of:

Kolbjørn Engeset Chairperson
Kristina Junttila Deputy chair
Siri Katrine Gaski Board member
Hanne Gudrun Gulljord Board member
Yngve Wassvik Bergheim Board member
Marcus Fredriksen Employee representative on the board
Irene Rasmussen Deputy Board member
Ulrikke Benestad Deputy Board Member

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