05.04.2024 – 03.05.2024

Artists' Film International: DIASPORIA #5

Vi viser dette filmprogrammet under temaen Diaspora som del av Artists' Film International nettverk

Hva handler det om?

Denne filmen vises på Kinbox. Kinobox kan finnes ved inngangen av Prostneset Havneterminal, Tromsø

Artists’ Film International is a partnership of 18 international art centres that celebrates moving-image. Every year, each organisation selects a film from an artist connected to their region, based on a collectively agreed theme.

Branching out from the theme of DIASPORA, the films selected explore the act of dispersal, in relation to people, geographies, information and networks.

Our final screening of AFI: Diaspora presents a work by Indian artist Mochu, focusing on how information networks and spreads, and where different forms of information – digital and analogue, cultural and personal – collide and shape overlapping cultures.


26 mins (Selected by Project 88, Mumbai)

GROTESKKBASILISKK! MINERAL MIXTAPE indexes an anomalous crash site of philosophy where online subcultures, cyberpunk ruins and imperial nostalgia arrange themselves into a prismatic history full of memory errors, discognitions and techno-utopian fantasies. Glinting through this conceptual wreckage is a peculiar anti-egalitarian map of time, closely allied to the genre tactics of science fiction and horror, as well as the managerial protocols of big tech. Through a corruption of 3d real estate commercials, Bollywood sounds, mythological comics etc, the video looks at the strange historical complicity between technological fictions and anti-rationalist ideas on the internet.

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