09.06.2024 12:00-16:00

Dream Academy seminar #2

Welcome to the next seminar with the Dream Academy!

The Dream Academy is a self-organized art academy for everyone, which is in the process of being established in Tromsø. The Dream Academy builds on the premise that art education is a form of lifelong learning where artistic practice, theoretical reflection and everyday life meet. On Sunday 9 June we are organizing the second in a series of seminars and gatherings that explore the possibilities for experimental and informal approaches to what art education can be today. This first "trial semester" runs from April to August 2024. The program is open to all interested parties, and there are no formal requirements that one must follow the entire program or sign up.

We start by watching and discussing the films Growing Up Absurd (2023) by Ben Balcolm and Julie Niemi, and Looking Backward (2022), also by Ben Balcolm. The two films deal with historical examples of self-organized and alternative educational institutions, respectively Tolstoy College and Black Mountain College. After this, there will be a broader discussion around the documents that we produced together at the previous seminar, with the aim of putting everything together into a functional semester plan


Kurant Visningsrom, Hansjordnesgata 1b


Free admission

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