19.01.2024 – 10.03.2024

Alternating Routes

with Michelle Deignan

Two screens mounted vertically in front of a window, each showing one half of the film.

What is it about?

TKF’s Festival exhibition presented the work of artist Michelle Deignan, premiering her new film, On Common Ground, exploring the politics of class, identity and landscape at a moment of unique change in 19th-century Germany and Ireland.

Audiences could explore Michelle Deignan's captivating narratives through the exhibition, Alternating Routes. Her moving-image works delve into themes of identity, nationalism, feminism, and class politics, often employing humour and transitioning seamlessly from documentary to experimental fiction. The exhibition features the premiere of a meticulously crafted new film set in 1837, portraying a pivotal moment as the personal union between the Kingdom of Hanover and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland comes to an end. The film takes us on a mesmerising journey with Ida, an aspiring writer, through landscapes in what are today Germany and Ireland.

Deignan's cinematic tapestry poignantly explores women as travel writers and the challenges they faced in 1837. Ida's defiance against societal norms reveals a quest for creative autonomy, celebrating the resilience of women who challenged expectations. An encounter on the Beara Peninsula in Ireland unfolds into a commentary on untold stories, reflecting on the transformative power of storytelling, and offers new insights into this misunderstood territory, nestled in a sublime natural environment.

Tromsø Kunstforening has presented the festival exhibition in tandem with TIFF, every year since 2001.

Curator: Leif Magne Tangen
Producer: James S. Lee & Ruth Aitken
Technicians: Robert Julian B. Hvistendahl, Amalie Holthen, Kaja Boudewijn, Mihály Stefanovicz, Olga Gry Becker, Markus Fredriksen, Siri Mari Vitalis Larsen, Matthew Grant.
Translation: Terje S.C.Øverås
Design: a r c
Two screens mounted vertically in front of a window, each showing one half of the film.
Two screens mounted vertically in front of a window, each showing one half of the film.
Large TV mounted to a freestanding wall in foreground. Behind is a triangular bench in front of windows, and a TV leaning vertically on the wall.
A vertical TV leans in the corner between a wall and a window. The TV displays heather.
A wooden amphither with three tiers is lit with a spotlight.
Lots of people sitting on different levels and looking to the left.
Two women in brown cloaks walk along a stone path by the sea.
Two green eyes stare out from a projector screen
People standing talking with drinks.

Photos by Mihály Stefanovicz & Martha Steinmetz

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