09.07.2024 – 09.08.2024

Post Capitalist Architecture TV

By Joar Nango and Ken Are Bongo - at Kinobox

Still image from video showing birch tree branches in the snow.

What is it about?

Post-Capitalist Architecture TV is an ongoing tv-series on architecture after the fall of capitalism. Sámi artist-architect Joar Nango and filmmaker Ken Are Bongo bring us on a journey across northern landscapes, sharing an investigative and playful look at various elements underlying the architecture around us. We follow Nango as our host in his ageing cargo van modified into a tv studio, containing a fire wood stove made from melted car doors and a video projection screen made out of halibut stomachs. The travels bring personal encounters, conversations and interviews with artists, craftspeople, academics, activists and experts, sharing their insights into Sámi and Indigenous architectural practices and thinking. Three out of six episodes are screened in Kinobox through the summer, and the other three are available to view as part of the exhibition Gullevaš/Golgolaš at TKF.

09.07. - 18.07 Episode 1: On materiality and resource economy (2020), 34:05, 37 min

19.07 - 29.07 Episode 3: On decolonization and architecture (2020), 40 min

30.7 - 09.8 Episode 4: Landscape (2021), 1 h 4 min

Still image from video showing birch tree branches in the snow.

Ken Are Bongo

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