Episode 3: On MONDO Books

Skip to 00:41 for the start of the English language section

In this episode, we have an interview with Tanya Busse, one of the team behind "Mondo Books", a bookshop and book-publishing platform based in Tromsø. In addition to being a part of Mondo Books, Tanya Busse is an artist herself, and also collaborates with Emilija Škarnulytė, as part of "New Mineral Collective". Tanya Busse comes from Canada but moved to Tromsø in 2012. The podcast switches to English at 44 seconds into the podcast.

Mondo Books can be found in Muségata 2 (TKF), when TKF itself is open to the public.

Producer for this series - and host on this episode - is James S.Lee. The editor is Leif Magne Tangen. Many thanks to Camilla Fagerli for input into the script for these past few episodes, including this one. The theme song is - as always- by André Enger Aas. Musical interludes in this episode contributed by Jacksbrokenhead. Many thanks to "Fritt ord" for the financial support to make this podcast.

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