11.05.2024 15:00-18:00

Concert by folk musician Eva Väljaots

Free of charge

Welcome to a concert by folk musician Eva Väljaots in the exhibition 'Down in the Bog: Hibernation'

The event starts at 15:00 with a conversation between Eva Väljaots and Karolin Tampere followed by a three hour long concert.
Visiting listeners are welcome to stay as long or as short they prefer. There will be seating and resting arrangements present in the exhibition space.

This concert invites you to step into the world of continuous music. It has no beginning or end. The Kannel as an instrument is played among Finno-Ugric nations, the Baltics and in the neighbouring regions. Eva plays the most ancient version of this versatile instrument. The "improvisational" playing style (also called playing one's 'own power') is probably as old as the instrument itself - some hundreds or even thousands of years.

Eva Väljaots is a folk musician who plays various types of traditional kannel. Her performances employ widening playing techniques, bringing out the variegated timbre of kannels. In 2022 she was nominated as the best solo artist at the Estonian folk music awards, Etnokulp. Her debut album Hundinuiaõis * Bulrush Bloom was released the same year and consists of her self-penned music, which she performs on several kannels and hiiu kannel/jouhikko.


Mellomvegen 82, Tromsø


Free of charge

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